About Chisato

Photo of Chisato
Photographed by Pedro Alvarez


I am a dance artist and an art presenter born in Japan and now based in London.

Having trained at Trinity Laban in London, I went on to secure an M.A. at Yokohama National University. I also have a B.A. in Japanese Painting.

I have created, promoted, performed and taught dance in over 40 locations across 20 countries, including during my 3 years (2003 – 2006) as a company member of internationally-renowned CandoCo Dance Company.

The first performance I choreographed, SCOT, was premiered at The Place in London in 2007.

Subsequently, I won a commission from the Place Prize (sponsored by Bloomberg) in 2008 to create Canon for Duet. This piece was also shown at Firsts 2008 at the Royal Opera House 2.

In 2009, I presented my third work, BEATS as part of the British East Asian Choreographers Development Scheme. I then created NEW BEATS for a performance at Stepping East and Spring Dance 2011 in Utrecht.

In 2009, I toured with VIBRAGERA in Sweden and choreographed 4D and 2L in Cambodia.

I have also performed in Against the Tide (GDIF 2009 / Milton Keynes International Festival 2010 / Watch This Space Festival 2010); the Garden (GDIF 2010 / London 2012 Festival/Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Cultural Olympiad);  Prometheus Awakes (GDIF 2012) and Limbless Knight (GDIF 2013 / Liberty Festival 2013); as well as for the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony.

I also undertook exploration of voice-movement improvisation-technology, Shaping Sounds (2012) with Guy Dartnell and Dirk Puschel.

Ring the Changes+ showed as one of major nine works for Unlimited 2014 at Southbank, Networked Bodies at Watermans and InShadow Festival in Lisbon.

In 2016, the R & D dance performance project, Passages of Time, was commissioned and shown at the Brighton Digital Festival 2016. It involved many elements including performance, mathematical scores, my narrative story, artistic film, animation, and sound vibration from a deaf perspective.



My main interest is in choreographing what I call a ‘visual score’, as I cannot hear audio music. I enjoy exploring music by interviewing hearing people and reading books about it. Through this process, I have created my own numerical / notational scores.

My choreography can be anything from sharply contemporary and profound, to ‘crowd pleasing’ and sometimes humorous. The work is often highly visually appealing, influenced by my visual arts background.

Dancers have commented on how enriching and inspiring my process of creation is; my approach to choreography, as a Deaf artist, brings a new dimension.

I am therefore currently interested in working with a range of collaborators and commissioning partners to further explore and develop my interests:

  • exploring visual music / sound through choreography and digital art or others.
  • showing my existing and emerging dance works in a range of contexts: eg. in theatres, galleries, museums, arts centres, outdoors or in other non-theatre spaces.
  • choreographing for professional and student / youth dance companies,
    including for site-specific projects.
  • providing workshops and choreographic residencies for non-professional
    dancers and students of all abilities.