Art projects

What can we create between various art works and dance movement or BSL?

My visual art works crosses a range of media, including print, digital and photography which inform the strong visual identity of my choreographed performance pieces.

Also I have worked for HAIKU project by Pedro Alvarez (2013 – ) and Print art works by Margaret Ashman (2008 – ).

  • SoundMoves

    An interactive dance installation designed by choreographer, Chisato Minamimura,  animator Dave Packer and digital sound artist Wesley Goatley.  SoundMoves was  a 1 week digital dance laboratory generating visual animation from motion and sounds  generated by a diversity of bodies, creating new artworks. This project was inspired by Chisato Minamimura and Dave Packer’s meeting at ShortCircuit in 2013 and an artfilm ...
  • Chisato's App


    On the Chisapp project, I have worked with a digital media aritst, Peter Pavement to explore the scores as creative expressions in their own rights, and reveal my working methods to the audience through a smartphone / tablet app that goes behind the scenes and allows people to interact in different ways with the performances ...
  • Short Circuit

    Short Circuit

    D x D I have been working with scores for my choreography – linking movements to the space they occupy – on the body and in the space, using the mathematics of music as a base. Animator, Dave Parker from Sheep Films and I began to explore in a new direction using Kinect software to create a ...