Choreographed projects

What is a visual music?
I am interested in choreographing visual sound/ music, as I am profoundly deaf and cannot hear audio. For me, music is created visually in the piece via a variety of elements.

I have developed what I call a ‘visual score’ by using dance movement to convey my perspective as a deaf person of music.

I am developing and aim to continue enhancing my understanding of music in tandem with developing a visually strong dance aesthetic. I currently do this through collaboration with other artists in different fields who I can work with to explore visual sound/ music in different ways.

I am also able to inspire and develop the thinking and development of dancers in companies and educational settings through my unique approach.

How to create the score?
Music composers have likened music to mathematics, in that mathematical relationships can be seen throughout their music.

As a dancer who is deaf, I do not hear any audio. For me, it was striking that music could be read and seen in mathematical terms. My visual scores are created using numerical notational methods.


    SCORED IN SILENCE Chisato Minamimura collected the stories of those few remaining deaf hibakusha earlier in Japan and the stories of those now departed. Their poignant memories, alongside footage from the time are relayed through film, animation, sound and sign language, using state of the art  Holo-guaze © projection technology and Woojer © vibration straps for ...

    THE SEA OF NOISES The Sea of Noises by Chisato Minamimura, a deaf dance artist residing in England was performed at Owl Spot Theatre in Tokyo from 15th to 18th December 2016. What differs, or remains the same, among the music Ms Minamimura and a hearing audience feels? Sound/ Music coming out of diverse bodies will be put ...

    PASSAGES OF TIME ‘Beguiling and other worldly, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.’  Laurence Hill, Brighton Digital Festival Director Music is the depiction of the passage of time in sound – Peter Maxwell Davies (8 September 1934 – 14 March 2016)  I’d put this quote in PASSAGES OF TIME was taken this powerful assertion and interprets it from Chisato’s Deaf ...
  • Ring the changes

    Ring the Changes+

    RING THE CHANGES+ is an interactive dance performance with a key focus in exploring the possibilities digital interfaces offer for enhancing the experience of deaf audiences at dance performances with sound visualisation and interactive tools. I made it a natural extension for me to start to work with a 4 week R&D to create a ...
  • Stuck in the Mud

    Stuck In The Mud

    STUCK IN THE MUD is the site-specific work and took audience on a journey through stunning indoor and outdoor historical setting. It was an integrated cast of disabled and non-disabled dancers, Ballet Cymru under the artistic direction for Marc Brew. I choreographed parts of STUCK IN THE MUD; WELCOME, AIR, BEECHALLEY as a GDance Fellow ...
  • Beats New Beats

    New Beats/Beats

    NEW BEATS, which toured across the UK and to the  Netherlands in 2010 and 2011, is a development of my 2009 piece BEATS. Choreographer:      Chisato Minamimura Performers:             Daniela B Larsen, Petra Soor Lighting Designer:  Andy Hamer Length:                     25 minutes International Tour: Feb 2011      @ Howth Theatre, Crawley April 2011    SpringDance 2010 @ Utrecht, Netherlands Dec 2010     DaDa Fest International 2010 @ Liverpool Oct 2010      ...
  • Epic Arts Cambodia

    Epic Arts Cambodia 4D

    4D was developed through exploration of the life experiences and individual rhythms of the Deaf and physically disabled dancers I worked with in Kampot, Cambodia over a 2 month period in 2009. It explored relationships which the participating dancers built with friends and used the words they mentioned most frequently (‘respect’, ‘share’ and ‘support’) as ...
  • Canon for Duet

    Canon For Duet

    I chose the title CANON for this piece because, according to my research, it is loved by many hearing people. My idea was to create a ‘visual score’ by recording the voices of 3 people and arranging them into a canon to be transcribed into film. With the help of Akira Baba, I was able ...
  • SCOT


    SCOT was created from the sign name (a sign- language name that Deaf people give to each other) of a dance teacher, Scott. The piece was developed from one note. Then, two dancers’ arm movements became notes, each one following the visual score. From a simple movement, a complex piece of work emerged as the ...