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Chisato Minamimura is a professional dance artist and BSL (British Sign Language) art guide.

As a choreographer, I approach my work from my perspectives as a Deaf artist, creating what I call ‘visual sound/ music’. I use mathematical scoring with my dancers, in order to create my choreography, enhancing the experience of dance without using music but instead creating visual sound. Visual Sound is just that, Music from a Deaf perspective.


Scored in Silence 2020 – For the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings on Japan, London-based deaf Japanese artist Chisato Minamimura presents a special 24-hour film screening of an extract of her solo digital sign language theatre performance “Scored in Silence”.

On August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Three days later an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Both cities were destroyed and between 120,000 and 155,000 people were killed instantly with a total of 317,000 killed directly or indirectly by the bomb’s effects.

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