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Chisato Minamimura is a professional conceptual dance choreographer, dance artist and BSL art presenter.

As a choreographer, I approach choreography from my unique perspectives as a Deaf artist, creating what I call ‘visual sound/ music’.

I use a mathematical score in order to create my choreography and aim to enhance the experience of dance without using music but instead creating visual sound.

The point at which I start is the question: What is visual sound/ music ? from a deaf perspective.

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In 2015 I started working with digital disability producer and artist, Sarah Pickthall to unpack my thinking, artistic methods and dance practice as a unique deaf dance artist interested in the the voices, perspectives and practice of disabled and deaf artists globally.

2 distinct research and development projects were staged in the summer with support from Sasakawa Foundation and Arts Council England.

TIME – a 1 week development project  saw the development of a new bespoke score with 3 professional dancers exploring sound and music in relation to time and timing as a cultural dimension. This followed a 1:1 consultancy with a music culture specialist – Michael Spencer who works both in the Uk and Japan.

SoundMoves was a 1 week development dance lab staged in June 2015 working with digital animator Dave Packer and digital sound artist Wesley Goatley in a commission for SprungDigi Festival. A simple score was shared with a diversity of disabled dancers who were encouraged to improvise and create their own beautiful visualisations in the moment. SoundMoves has potential for creating professional and community artworks instantly, building connection, confidence and cultural exchange.