Graeae Theatre Company. "The Limbless Knight"


Chisato Minamimura is a professional dance artist and BSL (British Sign Language) art guide.

As a choreographer, I approach my work from my perspectives as a Deaf artist, creating what I call ‘visual sound/ music’. I use mathematical scoring with my dancers, in order to create my choreography, enhancing the experience of dance without using music but instead creating visual sound. Visual Sound is just that, Music from a Deaf perspective.

Scored in Silence  is my new Digital Solo Performance and artistic documentary that unpacks the untold tales of deaf hibakusha – survivors of the A-Bombs that fell in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and their experiences at the time.
Scored in Silence had developed alongside partners VibraFusionLab in Ontario, Canada in May 2019 and was selected for the British Council Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase in August 2019.