Canon For Duet

I chose the title CANON for this piece because, according to my research, it is loved by many hearing people. My idea was to create a ‘visual score’ by recording the voices of 3 people and arranging them into a canon to be transcribed into film. With the help of Akira Baba, I was able to see the tone, volume and length of each sound on a meter. Through this process, I could understand where different sounds occur, their intensity in terms of volume and tone, and where they started or ended. We edited the sounds together and created a visual representation of the meter which is projected during the performance.

Choreographer:     Chisato Minamimura
Performers:            Carly Best/ Hannah Shepherd, Jamima Hoadley
Lighting designer:  Jonathan Samuels
Composer:              Akira Baba, Chisato Minamimura
Film artist:              Akira Baba
Length:                   approx 15 minutes

Oct 2008    Firsts 2008 @ Royal Opera House 2
Sep 2008    the Place Prize 2008 @ the Place, sponsored by Bloomberg

Supported by Arts Council England.

Film:           BBC
ARTICLE:    Tips from the top, The Guardian, 10th October 2008


I created the visual score by using mathematic principles from Canon.

Photographed by Yumiko Hakamada