Epic Arts Cambodia 4D

4D was developed through exploration of the life experiences and individual rhythms of the Deaf and physically disabled dancers I worked with in Kampot, Cambodia over a 2 month period in 2009. It explored relationships which the participating dancers built with friends and used the words they mentioned most frequently (‘respect’, ‘share’ and ‘support’) as a starting point for the choreography.

Choreographer:      Chisato Minamimura
Performers:             Porn Nadenh, Mat Not, Duon Pros, Ork Sovy
Sound artist:           Christopher Benstead
Costume designer: Nuth Samneang
Length:                     approx 10 minutes

Sep 2010    Liberty Festival @ London
May 2010   ROAM Dance Festival @ Cambodia
Dec 2009   SPOTLIGH @ Cambodia

Presented by Epic Arts
Supported by Nippon Foundation

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