Chisato Minamimura collected the stories of those few remaining deaf hibakusha earlier in Japan and the stories of those now departed. Their poignant memories, alongside footage from the time are relayed through film, animation, sound and sign language, using state of the art  Holo-guaze © projection technology and Woojer © vibration straps for audiences to wear.

This new artwork is one of a kind, strikingly original, providing new ways for all to experience and understand and learn lessons from the nuclear A-Bomb onslaught in 1945 and why it mustn’t be allowed to happen again.

Scored in Silence builds on Chisato’s digital enquiry in particular to Chisato’s work in immersive kinaesthetic environments that blend movement, sound, vibration and sign language – the hallmark of  Chisato’s artistic career to date with Chisato, drawing on the success of Chisato’s performance in Passages of Time (2016) at the helm of her own digital artwork.

‘Beguiling and other worldlylike nothing else I’ve ever experienced.’ 

Laurence Hill, Brighton Digital Festival Director – Passages of Time 2016


Artistic Director | Performer: Chisato Minamimura
Animator: Dave Packer
Lighting and Production designer: Jon Armstrong
Sonic artist: Danny Bright
Vibrotactile Specialists: David Bobier / Jim Ruxton (VibrafusionLab)
Producer: Sarah Pickthall

Brighton Digital Festival 2018 @ ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK
14th & 15th September 2018

‘ONCA was delighted to hosted Scored in Silence by Chisato Minamimura during Brighton Digital Festival 2018. Scored in Silence is a seminal performance that brings together new technologies in truly innovative ways to make visible marginalised perspectives of historical canon. Chisato’s performance is mesmerising and utterly compelling. Audiences are left feeling they have journeyed across time and geographies and gained new perspectives on a story we thought we knew so well. Every aspect of the performance works together to offer both hearing and D/deaf audiences insight into the others world in a way that builds connection and community. It has been one of the highlights of our programming year so far.’

Lydia Heath, ONCA Gallery Manager

‘Powerful , political and provocative – emotive immersive storytelling” Chisato’s charasmatic engaging energy takes the audience on a frightening journey to discover the hidden histories of Deaf Hiroshima survivors. Driven through dramatic digitisation we are put in that place of having  to consider the unthinkable – how do you react to a devastating world when you don’t know what’s happened? When you can’t hear.. or if you couldn’t see how do you survive! An important story with many real voices woven in – and for those who were there, reality,  a horrendous truth…this show will stay with you for a long time. ‘

Elizabeth Porter, British Museum

REVEIW by Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online


Manchester Science Festival 2018 @ Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK
19th & 20th October 2018

‘The story was very moving and your performance was incredibly powerful and thought-provoking. ‘

Antonio Benitez, Manchester Science Festival Director

CONFERENCE (Film only)
8th – 10th November 2018 @ Museums Association Conference Belfast

Photographs by Mark Pickthall




Mayumi Bono (National Institute of Informatics) / Tetsuya Izaki (Japanese Theater of the Deaf) / Mami Kaneko / Tomoe Kurogawa / Fumie Nakagawa / Susumu Ohya / Nursing Home: AwajiFukuro-no-Sato