Scored in Silence  is my new solo digital artwork work that unpacks the untold tales of deaf hibakusha – survivors of the A-Bombs that fell in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and their experiences at the time and thereafter, developed alongside my digital team: Jon Armstrong (lighting/projection) Danny Bright (sound/vibration) and Dave Packer (animation) Scored in Silence is produced by Sarah Pickthall.

Showcased at Brighton Digital Festival and Manchester Science Festival in 2018 and now in its second R&D, Scored in Silence has been developed alongside partners VibraFusionLab in Ontario, Canada in May 2019 and was selected for the British Council Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase in August 2019

Scored in Silence employs 40 Woojer © vibration straps worn on the body for audience members to feel the haunting soundscape and vibrational composition. The work also employs Holo-Gauze © projection that meshes Chisato’s sign mime performance with stunning animation.

A smaller scale film of the work designed for screening in a range of museum, gallery and festival spaces will be available as well as the complete digital artwork performance from October 2019.

The R&D has been supported by Arts Council England, British Council. The Great Britain Saskawa Foundation with in kind support from Woojer ©

This new artwork is one of a kind, strikingly original, providing new ways for all to experience and understand and learn lessons from the nuclear A-Bomb onslaught in 1945 and why it mustn’t be allowed to happen again.

REVIEW by Ian Abbott, Writing About Dance

REVIEW by Alice Baldock, The Japan Society

REVIEW by Melissa Mostyn 

REVEIW by Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online


British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019 @ Greenside, Edinburgh, UK
19th – 23rd August 2019

August 2019     ‘Film Premiere’ and Artist Talk – Hiroshima Day & Workshops

July 2019

The School of Digital and Performing Arts at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada
May 2019

Manchester Science Festival 2018 at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, UK 
October 2018

Brighton Digital Festival 2018 at ONCA Gallery, UK
September 2018


Artistic Director | Performer: Chisato Minamimura
Animator: Dave Packer
Lighting and Production designer: Jon Armstrong
Sonic artist: Danny Bright
Vibrotactile Specialists: David Bobier / Jim Ruxton (VibrafusionLab)
Sign Mime Specialist: Tetzuya Izaki
Sign Language Mentor: Steve Webb
Audio Describer | Writer | Mentor: William Elliot
Producer: Sarah Pickthall

Photographs by Mark Pickthall




Mayumi Bono (National Institute of Informatics) / Mami Kaneko / Tomoe Kurogawa / Fumie Nakagawa / Susumu Oya / Nursing Home: AwajiFukuro-no-Sato