‘Beguiling and other worldlylike nothing else I’ve ever experienced.’ 
Laurence Hill, Brighton Digital Festival Director

Music is the depiction of the passage of time in sound – Peter Maxwell Davies (8 September 1934 – 14 March 2016)  I’d put this quote in PASSAGES OF TIME was taken this powerful assertion and interprets it from Chisato’s Deaf perspective, through a brand new score that draws upon classical and abstract instrumentation and the construction of music working closely with 3 dancers in an ensemble like no other.

Selected for and supported by Brighton Digital Festival 2016, Arts Council England and Digital Disability agency – cusp inc.

Artistic conceptual director/ Choreographer:  Chisato Minamimura
Performers:  Kristina Alleyne, Nathan Goodman, Patricia Zafra
Sonic artist:  Danny Bright
Lighting and Production designer:  Jon Armstrong
Abstract film artist:  Fiona Ring
Animator:  Dave Packer
Project accountant: Dafydd Jones
Producer:  Sarah Pickthall

September 2016 @ the SPIRE Arts,  Brighton, UK



TIME – is a new Chisato Minamimura score developed in July 2015 alongside 3 hearing dancers. This work looked at different deaf and hearing cultural perspectives and the unique exchange between choreographer and dancers exploring the patterns of sound in musical scores realised visually through the dancers movements. Devised after a period of consultancy with music specialist Michael Spencer, a dance film shows the outcomes. This work informed the latest r&d Passages of Time in 2016.

Choreographer: Chisato Minamimura
Performers: Kristina Alleyne, Nathan Goodman, Patricia Zafra
Director & Camera: Danny Weinstein
Editor: Kezia Martin
Consultant: Michael Spencer
Producer: Sarah Pickthall

July 2015 @ Vincent Dance Theatre, Brighton
Showcase Japan, September, October 2015

Documentary film with English subtitles

All photographs by Mark Pickthall

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