I work in performance, choreography, and live art.

Through my artist practice, I mesh sensory perception, visual score, Sign Mime, BSL art guiding, digital technology and performance to create new art forms.

I have developed what I call a ‘visual score’ by using dance movement to convey my perspective of music as a Deaf person. I am interested in choreographing visual sound and music using numerical notational methods, as I am profoundly deaf and cannot hear audio. For me, music is created visually in the piece via a variety of elements.

Over the last three years, I have been working with some exceptionally talented digital artists from UK, Canada and Japan who specialise in various practices. My artwork and practice have created a new archive of unique art of extreme resonance and beauty.

As a choreographer, I have worked with many companies over the past 15 years. Recent productions include:

  • 2020, Chyna, produced by Laurence Dollander, UK
  • 2019, Hand in Hand, produced by Dance City, UK
  • 2018, Sound of Light and Sound of Shadow, produced by Owlspots, Japan
  • 2016, The Sea of Noises, produced by Owlspots, Japan
  • 2015, Kind of Silence, produced by Solar Bear, UK
  • 2013, Stuck in the Mud, produced by GDance, UK
  • 2010-2013, various, Krazy Kat Theatre Company, UK
  • 2009, D4 + 2L produced by Epic Art, Cambodia

Current project:

Scored in Silence