Aerial performance

colour photo of studio, people lying on mats on the floor, other people sitting on chairs to the right, three people standing, gesturing, in the foreground two prosthetic lower legs with black sports shoes

While I enjoy performing on the earth, I also love being in the sky, moving on a sway pole, trapeze and vertical dance. Here are some of the extraordinary performance experiences I have had near the clouds

Alternative perspectives

colour photo of three women facing a grey concrete wall, Chisato in the middle and a woman on the right are suspended by ropes, in a sitting position with their feet against the wall, another woman stands on the left wearing a harness, signing

Gravity & Levity engaged me as a physical research artist at the three day Vertical Dance Forum lab in 2019.

The Garden

colour photo of outdoor performance, four people above a green sloping stage on top of bending poles all bent over, or in flying or reaching postures, three with feet extended, three people are on the stage, audience are on the ground and on a free-standing yellow staircase, sky is blue

Beautifully composed music fills the sky as artists take to sway poles to create new stories in the air.


  • Written by: Alex Bulmer
  • Directed by: Jenny Sealey, Graeae and Grant Mouldey


  • 2016, Rio Olympic and Paralympic Cultural Olympiad, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2012, London Festival, London, UK
  • 2010, Greenwich Dockland International Festival, London, UK

The Limbless Knight – A tale of Rights Reignited

colour photo, man and woman on top of poles, leaning in towards each other with arms around each other, a large tree is behind them, and in the background white historic Greenwich buildings, and white sky
Graeae Theatre Company. “The Limbless Knight”.

Tensions are high as our human rights are on the verge of being rewritten, which sparks passion, protest and a call to arms.


  • Presented by: Graeae in association with Strange Fruit
  • Co-commissioned by: Greenwich Dockland International Festival


  • 2013, National Paralympic Day featuring Liberty Festival, London, UK
  • 2013, Greenwich Dockland International Festival, London, UK

London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony: Enlightenment

colour photo of Chisato on top of a pole, bending forward with arms extended in fists, wearing red and white dress and dark trousers, in the background stadium roof and lighting, and a screen with an image of out of focus people

I performed in the following parts of “Enlightenment”: Miranda, Navigation, Empowerment, and I Am What I Am.


Artistic Directors: Jenny Sealey, Bradley Hemmings


2012, Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, London,UK

Rehearsal film
Enlightenment full performance

Prometheus Awakes

colour photo at night, huge ribbed transparent hollow head and shoulders of human-like model with person or model standing inside the head, looking identical to the huge outer model, in the background lights and shadow, and possibly an audience

“Prometheus Awakes” premiered against the stunning backdrop of the beautiful 17th century Queen’s House in the grounds of the Royal Museums Greenwich, a world heritage site.


  • Presented by: Graeae and La Fura dels Baus
  • Co-commissioned by: Greenwich Dockland International Festival and Stockton International Riverside Festival


2012, Greenwich Dockland International Festival, London, UK

Against the Tide

colour photo from below of two people on top of poles against blue sky, faces can not be seen, on the right performer has arms extended to sides, wears orange leggings, green and yellow net garment above, person on left has arms in front with hands touching, wears dark clothes with yellow top and orange jacket lining

Imagine an island, separated from the world by a vast desert. The tribe that survives here has almost forgotten what water is; each day they share stories and memories of it.


  • Written by: Alex Bulmer
  • Directed by: Jenny Sealey, Graeae and Grant Mouldey


  • 2010, National Theatre, London, UK
  • 2010,Milton Keynes International Festival, Milton Keynes, UK
  • 2009, Greenwich Dockland International Festival, London, UK