Workshops and talks


I offer various workshops, intensives and residencies drawing on improvisation, movement, and my unique use of the visual score and / or visual sound with the portable digital installation, SoundMoves as a Deaf-led artist.

In the workshop, we will be able to explore how we can focus and use our senses to enable us to create our own unique movements. The importance of personal space and the relationship with others will be shown, and we will explore and use patterns and geometric shape. My workshops can be used to support education curriculum areas such as mathematics, music and PHSE topics, as well as PE, dance and performing arts.

Upcoming date

April 2021: Digital Movement workshop with SoundMoves at Sophiensæle, Berlin, Germany


black and white photo of Chisato signing, wearing a patterned dress, standing in front of a row of chairs and one seated woman, in the background a projected image of Chisato performing with text behind her, and overwritten with conference details

I work in a number of educational contexts to share my artistic process and have been a guest lecturer at conferences and festivals. I deliver talks, lectures and keynote speeches for students, artists, industry and public audiences, on a range of topics.